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the Cult of Homsar

he's the pride of the peaches

Cult of Homsar
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Anybody , Moderated

This community is for fans of Homsar.

The especial focus of our adoration is Homsar as represented by
the character homsarhomsar in hogwarts_hocus.

Our OTP is Homsar/Sirius Black.

Homsar is the Original Porncow.

That is all. Kashooooo.

arnie, board games, coffee, conehead sex, edible cockrings, evil clowns, hogwarts hocus, homsar, jenga, kashoo, kashooo, kashoooo, kashooooo, original porncow, peaches, porncow, reggie, scrabble, sirius black, strong bad, strong sad, that rhinoceros, the sixties