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the Cult of Homsar

Thought experiment: Hook Up With Homsar!

Cult of Homsar


Thought experiment: Hook Up With Homsar!

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How could your character hook up with Homsar?

coxinsox: "ROFL Scenario: Cox is so horrified by cheerleader Lily that he runs into Homsar's lack of arms?"

slothbefouler: "Jack accidentally touches Homsar's hat and is lured into Homsar's marshmallowy embrace! afterwards, he suffers terrible pangs of conscience over violating Article 29" (further commentary by Aubrey: "so Homsar doesn't really have any orifices, right? you can just sorta stick it in anywhere?" This has implications for Article 29.)

lilypotter60: "Scenario: Cox becomes a REALLY UGLY woman and Lily needs to be comforted? And who doesn't like marshmallows!" (commentary from Coxy: "Dude, Cox is going to be Allison Smith, you picky bitch ;p")

tartanpussy: (talking about Cox, not her own char) "Cox: Listen, fluffy thing, my girlfriend has gone totally nuts... Homsar: I'm the pride of the peaches! Cox: Damn straight. Let's get you out of that shirt, buddy." (addendum by Coxy: " Cox: Good God, the sad part is, this is still better than hooking up with Jordan again...")

robinthepuck: "Scenario: Robin is... completely normal. << "

What would you do for a KitKat bar marshmallowy seas?
  • Hmmm, the only way I could see Dimitri getting with Homsar is if Homsar were in his female form.
    • "And this little weirdo / would be a modestly hot girl to help me through the hard times ~~~ "
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