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the Cult of Homsar

Cult of Homsar: The RPG.

Cult of Homsar


Cult of Homsar: The RPG.

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(( Some of us have lamented the necessity for certain OC squibbait characters to leave hogwarts_hocus, though we know why they must. Now, thanks to the magic of Homsar, there's a place for them ... ))

Not all Squibs suffer the same fate.

Some fall into the hands of the caretakers. Some leave the castle immediately upon being squibbed, going back to wherever they came from. And some are seized by a magic far beyond mortal ken: the magic of Homsar.

Far, far away from Hogwarts, and far from Free Country USA, amid calm tropical waters, there rests an island known only to Homsar as Healthy Piece of Real Estate.

To this island, certain squibs are drawn. One minute they're in the Sorting Room being banished by the Hat; the next, they find themselves on this pleasant beach. All the necessities of life are here: fresh water in bubbling springs, fruit growing freely from low-hanging branches.

There is also a Temple, looming at the heart of the island's jungle ... the temple of the Cult of Homsar.

(( Thoughts? Brainstorming post is here. ))
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