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the Cult of Homsar

Create your character's signature BPAL scent!

Cult of Homsar


Create your character's signature BPAL scent!

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Big smile
BPAL Beth shouldn't be the only one having fun. We can design fragrances, too!

For example, for all those who thought Dorian was teh smex, there's a new scent just for you - Kojiro: "The blond Asian samurai snake king snatches you away to places unknown and untouched. As he caresses you, he leaves behind his trademark scent: deep musk, bits and bytes, and white-tinged lols."

For those who find Kojiro a bit overpowering, there's always Homsar: "A light and puffy scent. A base of Jenga, sweet vanilla, marshmallow overtones, patchouli, gravy, and a hint of peach truly make this scent forever your girl and the original ladies man."

So, here's your chance to design your char's scent - or the scent of someone else's char!
  • Strong Bad: If you want to get in good with the ladies, you want to smell like Strong Bad. Vaguely of sweat, a little bit like Bub's ketchup dogs, and mostly of things that make you want to make out. Like Strong Bad. Or people who still have both hands and faces.
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