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the Cult of Homsar

Create your character's signature BPAL scent!

Cult of Homsar


Create your character's signature BPAL scent!

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BPAL Beth shouldn't be the only one having fun. We can design fragrances, too!

For example, for all those who thought Dorian was teh smex, there's a new scent just for you - Kojiro: "The blond Asian samurai snake king snatches you away to places unknown and untouched. As he caresses you, he leaves behind his trademark scent: deep musk, bits and bytes, and white-tinged lols."

For those who find Kojiro a bit overpowering, there's always Homsar: "A light and puffy scent. A base of Jenga, sweet vanilla, marshmallow overtones, patchouli, gravy, and a hint of peach truly make this scent forever your girl and the original ladies man."

So, here's your chance to design your char's scent - or the scent of someone else's char!
  • Cox: "A heavy scotch base with a light antiseptic note. Truly the perfect scent for any alcoholic doctor."

    Sirius: "Patchouli, Firewhisky and hemp, for the consummate stoned sex god."

    Edward Elric: "Sharp and metallic with notes of dragon's blood and leather. A scent that dares you to call it short."
  • McGonagall: "A stern and chaste scent. Blackboard chalk and dusty robes, and a hint of cat musk."
  • Dieter: "White musk with a wheaty undertone that smells as if it came straight out of the sauna. Naked."
  • Jack Aubrey: "A classic sailor's cologne. Grog, sea salt on hemp ropes, debauched sloth, and a taste of the lash."
  • Dieter: "A hot, steamy blend of semensemolina, sweat, and barely-there terrycloth. The pure, unadulterated scent of SEX."

    Major props to Cissa for coming up with the terrycloth bit!
  • Stephen Maturin: "Scientist, doctor, spy, opium addict. Leather-bound books, tobacco, ink and parchment, gunpowder, and poppy flowers combined with cemetary soil and the faintest of sea breezes. Pistols for two, coffee for one."
  • Cooper: "A mysterious scent that smells of Coffee, Damn Good Pie, Goat Musk and Mystery."
  • Stephen Maturin: At first whiff it may be stuffy and slightly dull, but let the fragrance mellow on your skin to find surprising undertones of gunpowder, old books, salty seas, and cow pjs raspberry jam.
  • Miss Swan: "The deep, closety odor of mothballs combines with notes of nail polish remover and wax. Smells like a man...and just a little bit of pot. Just a little bit!"
  • Alan Grant: "Cool and collected, yet volcanic within. Eucalyptus, oakmoss, and a raging undercurrent of dragon's blood and black musk."
  • Strong Sad: "An oh-so-Emo blend that smells of smoke, absinthe, and Rhinoceri."
  • The Cheat: "A rich aroma of roach bombs and suudsu, sure to lull you into sweet oblivion even without the aid of a Denzel."
  • Strong Bad: If you want to get in good with the ladies, you want to smell like Strong Bad. Vaguely of sweat, a little bit like Bub's ketchup dogs, and mostly of things that make you want to make out. Like Strong Bad. Or people who still have both hands and faces.
  • With help from DLS:

    Remus: "A leather note with a heavy chocolate base that smells of abysmal self-esteem and a distinct lack of amber eyes."
  • Senor Cardgage: "Layers of pea soup and melty chocolate, sure to make you smell kind of cool. Excrobably."
  • Sarah Williams: "Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Maybe a bit heavy on the spice, though. Cream laced with sugar, nutmeg, cardamom, and a wicked dash of hot buttered rum."
  • Severass: Large hints of sexual harassment combine with homophobia and the low-class smell of wet t-shirts.
  • Smexy Sailor: "Lamp oil, sweat, tight buttocks, and salty seas. The smell of historical inaccuracy in a bottle."
  • Narcissa: "Notes of ozone and white musk with a hint of mint exude ice cold arrogance from this scent."
  • Slash Cultists: "They're as cold as ice, and willing to sacrifice your love! Mint, cinnamon, and bubblegum, the miasma of teen spirit gone terribly wrong."
  • Mary Sue: "This scent has EVERYTHING: All exotic fruits (pineapple, mango, starfuit, lychee, coconut - basically everything but durian, because that stinks), a stunning array of sweetness (sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup, sugar cane, and confectioner's sugar), hints of every color imaginable (even infrared, ultraviolet, and colors that don't exist), and just a drop of tragedy. Only for the prettiest, bestest, most specialest customers."
  • Bitchy Doctors: "There's bedside manner, and then there's bedside manner. A whiff of latex and an alcoholic haze hover over a base of deep musk."
  • Evil Clown: Rotting leather, greasepaint, burnt plastic and acidic base notes all combine to make a stinker of a scent. Wear it, and everyone will positively die laughing -- but don't worry. It'll be the last thing they'll do.
  • Godzilla: "This scent will make an impact. Violet and white florals send chills up your spine, dragon's blood and black patchouli breathe the essence of the beast."
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