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the Cult of Homsar

he's the pride of the peaches

Cult of Homsar



November 9th, 2006

(( Some of us have lamented the necessity for certain OC squibbait characters to leave hogwarts_hocus, though we know why they must. Now, thanks to the magic of Homsar, there's a place for them ... ))

Not all Squibs suffer the same fate.

Some fall into the hands of the caretakers. Some leave the castle immediately upon being squibbed, going back to wherever they came from. And some are seized by a magic far beyond mortal ken: the magic of Homsar.

Far, far away from Hogwarts, and far from Free Country USA, amid calm tropical waters, there rests an island known only to Homsar as Healthy Piece of Real Estate.
Healthy Piece of Real Estate isn't your ordinary piece of real estate.Collapse )

To this island, certain squibs are drawn. One minute they're in the Sorting Room being banished by the Hat; the next, they find themselves on this pleasant beach. All the necessities of life are here: fresh water in bubbling springs, fruit growing freely from low-hanging branches.

There is also a Temple, looming at the heart of the island's jungle ... the temple of the Cult of Homsar.

(( Thoughts? Brainstorming post is here. ))

September 9th, 2006

BPAL Beth shouldn't be the only one having fun. We can design fragrances, too!

For example, for all those who thought Dorian was teh smex, there's a new scent just for you - Kojiro: "The blond Asian samurai snake king snatches you away to places unknown and untouched. As he caresses you, he leaves behind his trademark scent: deep musk, bits and bytes, and white-tinged lols."

For those who find Kojiro a bit overpowering, there's always Homsar: "A light and puffy scent. A base of Jenga, sweet vanilla, marshmallow overtones, patchouli, gravy, and a hint of peach truly make this scent forever your girl and the original ladies man."

So, here's your chance to design your char's scent - or the scent of someone else's char!

September 8th, 2006

How could your character hook up with Homsar?

coxinsox: "ROFL Scenario: Cox is so horrified by cheerleader Lily that he runs into Homsar's lack of arms?"

slothbefouler: "Jack accidentally touches Homsar's hat and is lured into Homsar's marshmallowy embrace! afterwards, he suffers terrible pangs of conscience over violating Article 29" (further commentary by Aubrey: "so Homsar doesn't really have any orifices, right? you can just sorta stick it in anywhere?" This has implications for Article 29.)

lilypotter60: "Scenario: Cox becomes a REALLY UGLY woman and Lily needs to be comforted? And who doesn't like marshmallows!" (commentary from Coxy: "Dude, Cox is going to be Allison Smith, you picky bitch ;p")

tartanpussy: (talking about Cox, not her own char) "Cox: Listen, fluffy thing, my girlfriend has gone totally nuts... Homsar: I'm the pride of the peaches! Cox: Damn straight. Let's get you out of that shirt, buddy." (addendum by Coxy: " Cox: Good God, the sad part is, this is still better than hooking up with Jordan again...")

robinthepuck: "Scenario: Robin is... completely normal. << "

What would you do for a KitKat bar marshmallowy seas?



Exploratory and tentative topics of kashoo.

More? Comment. Perhaps there one day will be a Journal of Kashooooooology.

September 3rd, 2006


Welcome to the Cult of Homsar. You will be assimilated.

Here we shall post any and all creative efforts inspired by Homsar. Homsar is love. Resistance is futile.
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